Monthly Archives: September 2011

New hobby alert!

I like to get obsessed with new hobbies almost as often as I change my underwear.  Usually it is something with some creative aspect (see my many unfinished knitting or sewing projects as they are my go-to hobbies).   So my new obsession is going to be amateur photography.  The first step in my quest to become the next Herb Ritts? Buy a new camera.

So, if I’m going to become an amateur photographer then I need a digital SLR camera right? So, what do I do? I accidentally buy two.  Yep, I’m just that dumb.  I was on ebay (because I never try to pay full price, for anything) and I saw a great Sony alpha a390 for sale with a Minolta lens and an extended warranty.  I put my bid in (because I’m too old for this sniping nonsense) and watch it.  Two freaking minutes before it is ending my stupid dog decides that now is the time to take a dump in the office. Really Niko?! You do this now?   So anyway, I get outbid by five dollars. So….mad.   I see another a390 (though it is without the cool accessories).

I put a bid on the other a390 and it is ending in fifteen hours.  Then I notice an a330 that is going really cheap! And it ends in one hour!  I totally low-balled the other auction because the seller had no feedback so I expected to have to watch it like a hawk and be ready to up my bid.  I’m assuming that you can guess where this is going right? Yeah, I won them both.  Thank goodness for PayPal Bill Me Later. On the positive side I get to test them both to compare which I like better (though the a330 looks better to me already because it’s cheaper, and I’m cheap.  Plus it comes with two lenses).  I’m going to turn around and resell the other and hopefully get back what I paid. Maybe more???

Anyway, while I wait for my camera(s) to come in I decided to hit the books. I want to know everything that I can before my parcels arrive.  So I hit the local library (because I rarely buy books now) and I pick up “The Complete Guide to Digital Photography” by Michael Freeman. So far I know the very basics about aperture, shutter speed, and exposure.  Yay me!  Look for a ridiculous amount of photos on this blog to come. At least for the next few months until I get bored with it.  I’m sure that my husband’s reaction is probably going to be this:


Seriously?! Another Blog?

I guess the title of my blog is a little tongue in cheek as I am living a very cookie cutter lifestyle that has become increasingly obsolete in this modern world.  As a black stay at home mom I am often left wondering where I fit in this world. My fellow stay at home moms are typically white and relatively well-off financially.  My fellow 30 something black moms are usually working moms and in a lot of cases unmarried/divorced.  I don’t know why things are the way they are but they leave me in a position of feeling left out sometimes. Its hard to be something so typical yet atypical at the same time.

I don’t write this to sound emo and I certainly don’t expect you to pull out the tiniest violin; I have a wonderful life. I have great kids (though the oldest deserves the side-eye on occasion).  I have a cutie pie husband (Did I mention that I’m one half of an interracial marriage? No?). I also have two dogs, one of which is taller than I am.  So please, don’t pity me. This is just my forum for my random musings and occasionally recaps of what I actually do, when I actually do something. I don’t expect a cult following but if you all want to worship me and send money, please do so immediately.