I’m trying to lose weight (healthily) DAY 1: The Plan

This is Day one of my plan to finally lose my extra 20-25 pounds. I have been trying for over a year and a half and have had a bunch of fits and starts.  My youngest turned three a few months ago, which means that what I am carrying is no longer “baby weight.”

I guess I should start with a little bit about the weight.  Just before hurricane Katrina, and all the life upending consequences, I started my first full time 9-5 job.  Previously I had been working as a casino cocktail waitress a few nights a week.  As a cocktail waitress it was part of my job to stay fit and I had plenty of time during the week to maintain.  Once I started working full time in a law office however I started to put on some weight, about 10 pounds to be exact.  Then the hurricane came

After Katrina I had to be displaced in TX for a year.  I took a job working 50 hours per week and had to combine that with taking care of my then 5 year-old daughter without my large family support system that I had at home.  This led to another few pounds. It wasn’t just added weight however, it was a loss of muscle tone as well. So really, I feel like those extra 5 pounds was really like an extra 10 as far as looks are concerned.

A year later I returned home. I found another, more reasonable, full time job.  I didn’t lose the weight but I didn’t gain either. I got married to my awesome boyfriend who stuck with me through the distance after the storm. I had another child. After my oldest son was born I actually lost the baby weight pretty quickly. I didn’t return to my pre-katrina size but I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight with no real effort (breastfeeding man, it worked for babies #1 and #2).   Then I had baby #3.

I always thought that bouncing back after a baby was easy. I did it twice before! There was no reason to worry about it.  But here is the difference. With my first, I was active. I still exercised regularly and I was in pretty good shape before I had her.  With baby #2 I didn’t work out regularly but I was still relatively active.   With my last pregnancy I was in a different lifestyle.  I was now a stay-at-home mom and didn’t have to walk to my office building, or walk a few blocks downtown for lunch. I didn’t have to hustle.

So, while I didn’t gain any more weight than usual, I wasn’t as “in shape” as I was with the previous two pregnancies.  After he was born I learned what life is like with 2 kids under 2.  I couldn’t get up and go as easily. It was hard to go places with a toddler and an infant. So I just stayed home.  Top that off with the fact that I was now 30 years old and I finally learned about the struggle.

My highest weight was 165. That is 5lbs more than I weight at 9months with my two oldest kids. I have always been a confident person. I’m intelligent, I think I’m ok to look at. I think I have a good personality. I am obviously super humble too!  But the weight has made me a little insecure and that bothers me the most. I hate feeling less than confident in myself when it comes to anything. I don’t believe in self-doubt (or at least I didn’t used to).

So about a year and a half….wait, I think it is actually two years. I started two Decembers ago.  Anyway, I decided to try to start losing the weight.  I struggled big time.  Then the following June my husband was set to be deployed to the Middle East.  Before he left he signed me up for my favorite former gym. Elmwood Fitness Center is, in my opinion, the best in the city. And for one reason:  CHILDCARE! I was guaranteed two hours of childcare every day during the week. It was something that he knew I would need.  I got back into weight training and running. I started to get fit. By the time he came back I was down to 153lbs!  I’d lost some of it before he left and to be honest I had only lost about 8 lbs in the three months he was gone.

But oh, those 8lbs were AWESOME. Why? Because of the weights! I only lost 8lbs but I lost some sweet inches.  Then my husband returned home….It is now a little over a year since he as been back and I am back up to 159.  Apparently happiness does not suit me.  When he was gone I NEEDED that workout. I needed that time to get the stress out.  I didn’t have that need for a workout when he got home.

I have since, gotten back into the workout habit…sort of.  I run a few days a week. I recently did a 5k that my husband and I do every year and I finished in my best time in years.  Around 34 minutes, an 11:33 m/mile pace.   And the best part was that I didn’t have to stop at all.   But I have yet to return to lifting consistently.   And I eat like crap.

When I was younger the only thing I needed to do to drop a few pounds was workout.  Apparently it doesn’t work like that when you really need to lose weight. I’m going to have to, ugh, diet.  Let me tell you, I have never been a fan of dieting. Whenever a female tells me she is on a diet I just want to smack her.  To me, diets are desperate temporary things and if you aren’t going to do something for life then you shouldn’t bother doing it at all.  Yet here I am.

I guess I should point out that I plan to change my lifestyle. Not diet. I just can’t do the diet thing. I won’t count calories for the rest of my life.

This post is going on forever…..


I am going to come back with my eating and fitness plans.


About qsternie

I am living what I guess is now considered to be an "alternative lifestyle." I am a married black female who has chosen to be a stay at home mom. Shocking, I know.

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