Christmas Eatin’

So, I know I am super behind on updating but I don’t have time to do much about it right now. All I can report at the moment is that I went hog wild eating the past two days.  Crawfish bisque, crab cakes, shrimp pasta, cake, cookies, ham, etc.   I don’t regret it but I think I’m going to see the fall out later this week.   My running buddy and I are going to our cardio kickboxing class tonight since we missed it on Tuesday.  

The training guide for our 10k just came out and we are going to attempt to modify it for us. The program has three categories: walkers, joggers, and runners.   We aren’t serious runners but we aren’t beginner joggers either.  And unfortunately there is not in between with the program. We don’t have time to run 10mi every Saturday!   So we are going to see what we can do with the time that we have. We will definitely incorporate the speed drills though. 

Anyway, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. 


About qsternie

I am living what I guess is now considered to be an "alternative lifestyle." I am a married black female who has chosen to be a stay at home mom. Shocking, I know.

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