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Losing to win money!! (and Fiber)

So, yes. Long time no blog. Sorry.

I am down to 157. I actually gained weight over the holidays to 161 so I’m celebrating the loss as if I lost 5lbs instead of a net of 2lbs.  So, I signed up for a diet bet. The website is and basically it works like this: You put money into a pot (the amount is set by the game organizer, in my case the bet is $25).  Anyone who loses 4% of their starting weight (6lbs in my case) wins. All winners split the pot minus fees (the company guarantees that you at least get your bet back).

So, by the end of January I need to weigh-out at around 153 (I weighed in higher than 157).   I figure that if I can succeed with 3 diet bets then I will be pretty close to my goal and I will have something to compete for. Plus there is a social aspect. My diet bet is posting to my facebook as well, so now EVERYONE can see what I am doing. I still don’t share my blog though. I’m just…not open for that right now.

So, the eating plan.  I have slacked off on the daily leafy greens over the holidays so I’m jumping back on that today.  I have also added my next goal to the plan: Eat 30-40 grams of fiber!

Why fiber? I know that a lot of people concentrate on protein and carbs and that is good and all. I personally know that I will never be a “low carb” person. It won’t happen. And I am not about to go stocking up on chicken breasts (yuck) to fill up on protein.  Maybe in the future I will get into this but it is not this day!  Fiber however, is something that I am willing to look at right now.

Studies have shown that a diet high in fiber leads to a healthier heart. While I am all about my vanity and looking hot in a bikini I also have three kids, and a family history of heart disease.  I’m trying to live, and live well. I’m also trying not to get that big scar in the middle of my chest from open heart surgery. So, fiber seemed like the next logical step. So, how in the world am I going to get that much fiber in?

I intend to keep a standard daily diet of fiber rich foods. I will stick to oatmeal in the morning (4g), 1/2cup berries (4g), 1 serving of beans (approx 10g!), one apple (4g). and a chia seeds (10g + omega 3!)

So, by sticking to these foods daily I am getting in approximately 32g of fiber! That is on top of  whatever minute amounts of fiber are in the foods that I normally eat.  I’m thinking that there will be weight loss benefit as well. As long as I stick to these daily foods I don’t have much room for anything else!  The one issue is that beans can be pretty high calorie but I guess that is the point of experimenting. I’ll limit myself to a serving per day anyway so maybe it will all balance out.

Caveat Emptor: eating this much fiber requires staying very hydrated.  And it also requires staying close to home until you adjust. Lets just say that I became well acquainted with my bathroom on my first day.


I have cardio kickboxing class tonight and my running partner and I are planning to start longer runs on Saturdays this weekend. I return to my weights on Monday! I’m excited about that part.


I’ll try to be better about updating after today and I will video weigh-in tomorrow!