About this blog

I guess the title of my blog is a little tongue in cheek as I am living a very cookie cutter lifestyle that has become increasingly obsolete in this modern world.  As a black stay at home mom I am often left wondering where I fit in this world. My fellow stay at home moms are typically white and relatively well-off financially.  My fellow 30 something black moms are usually working moms and in a lot of cases unmarried/divorced.  I don’t know why things are the way they are but they leave me in a position of feeling left out sometimes. Its hard to be something so typical yet atypical at the same time.

I don’t write this to sound emo and I certainly don’t expect you to pull out the tiniest violin; I have a wonderful life. I have great kids (though the oldest deserves the side-eye on occasion).  I have a cutie pie husband (Did I mention that I’m one half of an interracial marriage? No?). I also have two dogs, one of which is taller than I am.  So please, don’t pity me. This is just my forum for my random musings and occasionally recaps of what I actually do, when I actually do something.


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