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Wen Hair Care Pre Experiment

I think almost everyone has seen the WEN infomercial. It looks too good to be true. These chicks have some awesome hair including the black girl. I am highly skeptical of any haircare infomercials. I just don’t go for them. Fitness fads? maybe. Food gadgets? Definitely (I’m still trying to resist the Nu-Wave oven but it is hard). But I digress.

I was running on the treadmill and looking for something to focus on so that I could forget that I’m running. (Did I mention that I’m doing a 10k this April? I am and I’m in the midst of training). I find myself stopping on QVC for a Go-to-beauty special. Chaz Dean is on in all of his Ken Paves-esque glory with his “WEN girls” including the ubiquitous curly haired black one.

Dammit, why didn’t I change the channel? WHY? Now I have spent $100 on a the Fig Conditioning Cleanser and the Fig Styling Creme. I am really hoping that I don’t have buyers remorse. But if I don’t then I hear that the gallon sizes go on sale in June.

I haven’t updated this blog in forever and really wanted to get back to it so I figured this was a good place to start. I am going to do a WEN experiment. I just ordered this last night so I don’t expect to have it for a few days. I want to post my before pictures. Yes I will post more than one because I have two heads of hair depending on if it is styled or not.

One thing that I hate about the infomercial is the before pictures. He basically shampoos and conditions their hair and lets it sit there. Then he shows the after and it is styled to perfection. Really? So here are two pics of my hair. One is after a fresh blow-dry and the other is an air dry.

The curly pic is kind of old but I am not in the mood to re-wash my hair, let it dry, then take a pic.  My hair is basically the same except a lighter color.  The straight pic is just a few weeks old.

yeah, not the best pic but it'll do.

Pic is a little fuzzy but
but it’ll do as well