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The Eating and Workout Plan

The previous post was going on too long. This is the plan:


I have a 10k that I do yearly in April. I would LOVE to finish under 1hr.  This is something that I have never done. Even in highschool my distance pace was a 10 min/mile pace.  So I will continue running.  I do two sprint interval workouts by myself and one long run with my running buddy (I’ll talk about running buddies later)

I take a cardio kickboxing class one day/week with my friends and my oldest (I’ll talk about my kid’s weight issues later)


I would like to get back into the habit of weight training 3 days/week.  I miss the benefits.  



I mentioned before that I am not going to do something that I can’t stick to.  So I am going to start slowly to achieve the following goals.

I want to start eating veggies. One serving of leafy greens daily. Two servings (at least) of other veggies.

At least two servings of fruit daily.

At least 3 servings of whole grains daily.


How I plan to do this:

The first of these goals that I am going to tackle is the leafy greens.  We have a vegetable garden. We tend to a fall/winter garden as well as a spring/summer garden.  This fall we have lots of leafy greens. I have an abundance of swiss chard, kale, spinach,and broccoli.   (some dastardly bug ate all of my pumpkin vines before we could say “screw organic” and spray).

As far as fitness goals. I think I will hold off another week. I know that it is cliche to say “I’ll start on Monday” but I ran sprint intervals this morning and did cardio kickboxing last night. I’m pooped.


Oh and as far as today. I ate my serving of leafy greens.  Yay me!!

Coming up tomorrow:  Before shots (dun dun dunnnnnnn)